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Four Elements

"Wasser", 2002
(Water), oil on canvas, 140 × 325 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1a

"A house full of water. An unusual idea. The image does not leave me. A broad, green, still surface of water spreads out over a large dark room from wall to wall, I can see through the water to a dark bottom. Occasionally a breeze floats in through the window and the wind ruffles the surface of the water. Somewhere far back in the gloomy silence of the room I hear a gurgle. At another place drops fall on the water. The walls reflect sounds back and forth. A murmur, a mysterious whisper drifts over the water. Through the window one sees the ocean – in blinding brilliance. The horizon stretches as a black line between the sky and water. Here inside the reverberant room it is cool. A twilight tinged with green floats above the extended surface, which reaches to almost under the window breast. You can glide your hand through the water."
   -T.H. The Library in Aarau-



  PDF:  2002-Vier-Elemente.pdf

  PDF:  2002-Quatre-elements-Fr.pdf

Gallery (9)

TH-1902-KB-1a.jpg "Wasser", 2002
(Water), oil on canvas, 140 × 325 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1a
TH-1902-KB-1b.jpg "Erde", 2002
(Earth), 140 x 160 cm, oil on canvas, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1b
TH-1902-KB-1c.jpg "Feuer 1", 2002
(Fire 1), oil on canvas, 140 × 175 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1c
TH-1902-KB-1d.jpg "Feuer 2", 2002
(Fire 2), oil on canvas, 140 × 325 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1d
TH-1902-KB-1e.jpg "Luft", 2002
(Air), oil on canvas, 140 × 225 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1e
TH-1902-KB-1f.jpg "Kabinett", 2002
(Cabinet), oil on canvas, 350 × 165 cm, E.ON, Düsseldorf, TH-2002-KB-1f
TH-2002-DF-05.jpg "Feuer 1 und 2", 2002
(Fire 1+2), oil on canvas, 140 x 175 c; 140 x 100 cm, installation, E.ON, Düsseldorf
TH-2004-B-12.jpg "Brunnenprobe", 2004
Oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm, TH-2004-B-12
TH-1903-B-05.jpg "Reflexion", 2003
[Reflection], oil on canvas, 250 x 200 cm, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, TH-2003-B-05

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