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sad facets

"Große Rauten", 2005
(Great Rhombuses), oil on canvas, 200 x 280 cm, privat collection, Cologny, TH-2005-B-07

"I repeatedly create order here. I consider order in picture to be indispensable. So feel free to call me the caretaker of the picture’s space. Pictures must be clean and orderly. I sweep twice a day; there is nothing worse than unclean areas in a picture. I also hate a picture`s room to be stale, wich is why I air them out once in a while. Other than that, I feel at ease in a picture, I always have something to do. Sometimes, though, it is a bit lonely here."
   -T.H. rauten traurig (sad facets)-

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rautentraurig.jpg "Thomas Huber, rauten traurig", 2008
(sad facets), MARTa Herford; Kunsthalle Tübingen; Musée d'Art Contemporain de Nîmes (ed.), Kerber Verlag, Nürnberg, 2008, [de,fr,en], 96 pages, format: 23.9 x 17 cm. TH-2008-Pb-01
Faximile-raut.jpg "Thomas Huber, rauten traurig - la langueur des losanges - sad facets", 2008
Facsimile edition of a sketch book, MARTa Herford; Kunsthalle Tübingen, and Musée d´Art Contemporain de Nîmes (ed.), Kerber Verlag, Nuremberg, [de,fr,en], 128 pages, 64 colour illustrations, format: 21,5 x 30 cm. TH-2008-Pb-02

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TH-1905-B-01falsch04.jpg "Halle mit Streifen", 2005
[Hall with Stripes], oil on canvas, private collection, Geneva, TH-2005-B-01
TH-1905-B-03.jpg "Parade", 2005
Oil on canvas, 180 x 450 cm, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, TH-2005-B-03
TH-1905-B-06.jpg "Stille mit Rauten", 2005
[Stillness with Rhombuses], oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm, privat collection, Basel, TH-2005-B-06
TH-1905-B-08.jpg "Rauten, traurig", 2005
[Rhombuses, Sad], oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm, private collection, Geneva, TH-2005-B-08
TH-1905-B-09.jpg "Sitzbank", 2005
[Bench], oil on canvas, 200 x 220 cm, privat collection, Basel, TH-2005-B-09
TH-2005-B-07.jpg "Große Rauten", 2005
(Great Rhombuses), oil on canvas, 200 x 280 cm, privat collection, Cologny, TH-2005-B-07
TH-2007-B-02.jpg "Drei Vitrinen", 2007
[Three Display Cases], oil on canvas, 200 x 280 cm, West Bank LB, Düsseldorf, TH-2007-B-02
TH-B-06-01.jpg "Petit tableau rouge", 2006
[Small Painting Red], oil on canvas, 160 x 190 cm, Galerie Carré & Cie, Paris, TH-2006-B-01
TH-B-06-02.jpg "Arabesque", 2006
Oil on canvas, 125 x 150 cm, privat collection, Paris, TH-2006-B-02
TH-B-06-17.jpg "Lektüre", 2006
[Reading], oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, privat collection, Wuppertal, TH-2006-B-17
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